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The Machida Team was happy to exhibit the best in remote visual inspection at this years NBAA in Las Vegas NV.

We would like to thank all of our customers and potential customers who came by our booth and played in our live engine display.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone again at the NBAA in Orlando 2018!

Missed the opportunity to come by our booth and meet our team? 

Be sure to click on the link below to send an email to our team and learn more about our engine kits.



#MFGDay #MadeinUSA #Manufacturing

Since 1975 we have been proud to manufacture our borescopes and endoscopes right here in The United States.  Our technicians are truly the heart and soul of the company.  Without their specialized skills and dedication, we wouldn’t be able to continue to be one of the top leaders in Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

Throughout the years, their hard work and dedication has afforded us the opportunity to create many “firsts” and allowed us to be create and design what is now the industry standard in engine borescope kits.

Our dedicated team has been with us for many years, and we have been lucky to have them as apart of the Machida Family.

To all of our manufacturing technicians, we thank you for your dedication to provide us with superior products. #MFGDay

-The Machida Team

Charlie Taylor – #Inventor #Mechanic #Machinist #AVGEEK #Aviation

Who is Charles “Charlie Taylor”, and why is he is important to so many aerospace mechanics?

Born on May 24, 1868 in Cerro Gordo, IL, Charlie would soon become the most famous airplane mechanic of all time.  His biggest notoriety, being the lead mechanic to The Wright Brothers.

Read more about the life of Charlie Taylor by clicking here or any of the other links in blue. 

AMTA (Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association) Director, Ken MacTiernan, is currently working on collecting donations for the bronze bust of Charlie Taylor to be placed in the National Museums of the US Military, as well as Air & Space Museums across the country.

Interested in making a donation? 

Contact Ken directly by telephone – (619)395-6681 or via email JetDoctor69@gmail.com

Be sure to check out their ad in this months DOM Magazine.

Charles Charlie Taylor


@NBAA Booth C12811 – 2017 #avgeek #NBAA #PT6


Machida – NBAA 2017 Central Hall C12811 Live Engine Display

Experience the Machida live engine display at this year’s NBAA Central Hall, Booth C12811.  We will be hosting the best of the best in engines, the Pratt & Whitney PT6, the Allison 350, and TurboMeca.

We will also be showcasing our Pratt & Whitney approved PWC34910-109 3mm video borescope, and our popular borescope from our CTE Kit, perfect for your GE Engine inspections, the 4mm VSC-4-140-NLT with removable 90 Degree FOD resistant adapter.

We will also be displaying, our sought after VSC-2.4-100N, which offers a 2.4mm diameter and brilliant image quality.  This small diameter video borescope is great for all your smaller engines and a perfect fit for any tight inspection space.

All of our video borescopes use Sony CCD chips which provide an unmatched resolution quality and depth of field.

See more than you have before with our state-of-the-art DPU 7-7070. Our one of a kind processor provides maximum light allowing you to see more of the blades to make those important calls accurately. Our video system boasts over 12 desired features including stunning high resolution photos, video recording in high-definition,  picture-in-picture, new updated zoom features, and portable image archiving system that can be saved and shared via SD Card.  This 10” monitor processer comes in a rugged portable pelican case and can be paired with any of our scopes from our extensive videoscope collection.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to experience first-hand our video borescope offerings and our DPU 7-7070.

Unable to see us at the show? You can reach us via email, info@machidascope.com, or by telephone Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5:00PM EST at 1-845-365-0600 and toll free at 1-800-431-5420. Don’t forget to visit our website, WWW.MACHIDASCOPE.COM to keep up to date with Machida News and product releases.


The Machida PWC34910-109 to be used with the PW1100G-JM at AMC 2017! #AVGEEK @MROTweetUp

Machida is excited to announce that this year at the Aerospace Maintenance Competition 2017 at  MRO Americas, our PWC34910-109 Kit (VSC-3-140-NL) will be paired along side the newest engine offering from Pratt & Whitney, PW1100G-JM!

Our PWC34910-109 Kit, good for all engines, is our one of a kind 3mm Videoscope with a 140cm length, that boasts one of the best images in the industry, auto focus, auto light, the ability to stream via Libre Stream, and take photos or videos.

The engineers and technicians performing the Borescope/FOD challenge on the engine, will have their test streamed live to the Pratt & Whitney Booth, as well as, the Machida Booth 3131!

Don’t forget to stop by the AMC 2017 to get a glimpse at our hard working unsung heroes of aviation at work.

Not able to make it to the show, you can always watch the AMC Live by clicking here: http://www.amc2017.live/

Be sure to visit our web page dedicated to the PWC34910-109 to get our full spec sheet. Below is an old video to give you an idea of how amazing our scope is!  http://www.machidascope.com/VSC-3-140-NL-PWC34910-109-3MMVIDEOSCOPE 



MRO 2017 Booth 3131 Machida Borescopes

AMC 2017 Live Stream

Click on the link below, to join us for the Aerospace Maintenance Competition and watch the industry’s leading certified aircraft maintenance technicians, engineers and students enrolled in either FAA, EASA, CASA or equivalent, plus the country’s Armed Forces compete in over 30 different skills tests.

This year promises to be bigger and better with more teams competing and a larger audience, making this competition a lively battle of the best skilled maintenance professionals in the industry. Compete with current and future maintenance professionals who will test combined abilities against their peers. The AMC’s sole purpose is to raise awareness of the training and skills needed to provide safe and airworthy aircraft worldwide!

Categories include:

  • Commercial Aviation
  • General Aviation
  • School
  • Military
  • Space

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Glen Jenn AMC 2016