The Machida PWC34910-109 to be used with the PW1100G-JM at AMC 2017! #AVGEEK @MROTweetUp

Machida is excited to announce that this year at the Aerospace Maintenance Competition 2017 at  MRO Americas, our PWC34910-109 Kit (VSC-3-140-NL) will be paired along side the newest engine offering from Pratt & Whitney, PW1100G-JM!

Our PWC34910-109 Kit, good for all engines, is our one of a kind 3mm Videoscope with a 140cm length, that boasts one of the best images in the industry, auto focus, auto light, the ability to stream via Libre Stream, and take photos or videos.

The engineers and technicians performing the Borescope/FOD challenge on the engine, will have their test streamed live to the Pratt & Whitney Booth, as well as, the Machida Booth 3131!

Don’t forget to stop by the AMC 2017 to get a glimpse at our hard working unsung heroes of aviation at work.

Not able to make it to the show, you can always watch the AMC Live by clicking here:

Be sure to visit our web page dedicated to the PWC34910-109 to get our full spec sheet. Below is an old video to give you an idea of how amazing our scope is! 



MRO 2017 Booth 3131 Machida Borescopes

AMC 2017 Live Stream

Click on the link below, to join us for the Aerospace Maintenance Competition and watch the industry’s leading certified aircraft maintenance technicians, engineers and students enrolled in either FAA, EASA, CASA or equivalent, plus the country’s Armed Forces compete in over 30 different skills tests.

This year promises to be bigger and better with more teams competing and a larger audience, making this competition a lively battle of the best skilled maintenance professionals in the industry. Compete with current and future maintenance professionals who will test combined abilities against their peers. The AMC’s sole purpose is to raise awareness of the training and skills needed to provide safe and airworthy aircraft worldwide!

Categories include:

  • Commercial Aviation
  • General Aviation
  • School
  • Military
  • Space

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Glen Jenn AMC 2016


Today Machida will meet with aviation maintenance technicians aka the unsung hero’s of aviation to test there skills on removing FOD using our “C” Series VSC-3-65C.

This year we have made it a real challenge.  The technicians will have to remove two pieces of FOD from our mock engine.  For those of you that were at today’s orientation, below is a sample video of FOD you might be responsible to remove.

Not at this years AMC 2017?  Catch the live stream by clicking here!! Don’t forget, see Jenn & Glen, post on any of our social media pages to win some sweet swag!!

Technicians, are you read?


AMC MRO Press Release JPG

Blending Borescopes #MROAM Booth 3131 #AVGEEK @MROTWEETUP


Imagine being able to rework your blades on-wing without having to take the engine down.  That is the exact solution that was developed by Machida in the 1980’s.

Bore blending allows the trained maintenance professional to go into the borescope ports and repair damaged blades by filing out impact damage from FOD Strikes.  These specially designed tools are approved by the engine manufacturer specifically to lower your maintenance costs.

High Res Blending Tip with 7-7070.jpg        

We offer options of both flexible and rigid, and all equipment connects to our DPU 7-7070.  All of our kits come complete, as called out in the specs by GE, Pratt & Whitney, or Rolls Royce.

We will have our state-of-the-art bore blending scopes on display at our booth at MRO (BOOTH 3131).  Our knowledgeable staff, including one of the founders of on-wing blending, Jitu Patel, will be available to talk about your specific GE, Pratt & Whintey, or Rolls Royce engine, and which kit is right for you.

Once you purchase one of our systems, we will get you in touch with your engine’s training center so that you can be sure you are blending to spec.

With over 40 years of industry knowledge under our belt, we are the ones the pros and engine manufacturers go to for all their borescope needs.

Not able to make it to the show, visit our website’s blending page  or contact us directly at

We can’t wait see you at #MROAM Booth 3131!

About Machida:

Machida Inc has been an industry leader of borescopes, videoscopes and custom scope projects for over 40 years. Manufactured in the USA, our high quality scopes allow you to inspect hard to reach areas while remaining easy to use, with brilliant resolution, and low cost.

With our years of industry knowledge paired with new state-of-the-art technology, we have been able to create scopes with quick turnaround times for big name engine manufactures, aviation enthusiasts, and quality inspectors.

MRO 2017 is Just Around The Corner! Read About Our Presence Here!

MRO 2017 Booth 3131 Machida Borescopes

We are excited to announce that we will be the  borescope sponsor of this years MRO 2017 AMC!  We cannot wait to have teams from all over the world use our equipment for their technical FOD removing skill test using our VSC-3-65C.

The VSC-3-65C part of our “C” series provides a one of a kind scope design used to grab FOD that might drop into the engine.  With a 3mm diameter, and using the best camera chip and sensor available in the market today, locating and removing FOD is as easy as plugging in your borescope.  Our special light weight probe design and large screen processor makes it best in its class for viewing FOD and any cracks or chips to your blades.

Our challenge this year has been upgraded from the one from 2016, and we cannot wait to see which maintenance team will be victorious.

Be sure to swing by and check out this years AMC which boasts the most teams in its history.  We are both honored and excited to be apart of this amazing event once again!

Can’t make it, or to busy at your booth, then watch it LIVE!  You read that right, this year the AMC will be streamed live! So be sure to look out for Jenn & Glen as they judge the best maintenance mechanics in the world. 

We hope you will also have the opportunity to stop by our booth #MROAM Booth 3131. Our MRO solutions to keep your engine on-wing are endless.  We will be displaying our blending borescopes which allow you to rework your engine.  These one of a kind engine manufacture approved scopes use the borescope port to go in and blend your blades without the costly expense of removing your engine.

Also, we are going to have quite the display this year at Booth 3131 with our Turbomecca engine paired with our engine manufacturer approved PWC34910-109, VSC-3-140-NL, which gives you the best image available in the market today and a large viewing screen that promises to give you the best view.

Don’t be fooled by other companies that offer low cost, our scopes use only the best Sony CCD Camera Chips.  We boast top of the line Mini HD quality that provides you with the sharpest photos and videos.  We are the ones the engine manufacturers comes to for their inspection requirements and custom applications.  Our developments become the industry standard, and we are proud to manufacture and repair all of our equipment here in the United States.

If you are unable to make it to this years MRO Americas 2017, do not hesitate to contact us directly.  The Borescope Guru Jitu Patel or any of Machida’s knowledgeable staff is always available to discuss with you your requirements to find you the best solution for your inspection and maintenance needs.  Contact our office today or visit our website and fill out our contact us form.  

Look out for more posts!  There will be more exciting things on the horizon! 

We were on quite the long online hiatus, but we are back and excited to share our innovations and whereabouts! Thank you to all of our customers (new and old) who have reached out to us in the last few months online, even though we were MIA! – Jenn

About Machida Inc

Machida Inc has been an industry leader of borescopes, videoscopes and custom scopes for over 40 years. Our primary focus is working with engine manufactures, and providing the aviation market with high quality scopes that inspect hard to reach areas while remaining easy to use and limiting user fatigue. We pride ourselves on our competitive product catalog and our ability to design and create custom scopes to the needs of the client.


Toni’s Retirement #whatsupwedensday

After almost 30 years of working with Machida Inc, Toni is retiring.

Toni has brought so much to the team and will be deeply missed. Her years of dedication to the Machida brand is unmatched by many.

Please join us in congratulating Toni on her retirement. Her last day at Machida will be Friday, September 2 2016.

Should you require assistance with repairs, please email

If you have any questions, or are looking for updates on your orders please email

We will deeply miss you Toni and look forward to receiving post cards from all your new adventures.