Toni’s Retirement #whatsupwedensday

After almost 30 years of working with Machida Inc, Toni is retiring.

Toni has brought so much to the team and will be deeply missed. Her years of dedication to the Machida brand is unmatched by many.

Please join us in congratulating Toni on her retirement. Her last day at Machida will be Friday, September 2 2016.

Should you require assistance with repairs, please email

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We will deeply miss you Toni and look forward to receiving post cards from all your new adventures.


Over 40 Years of American Manufacturing

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Located in Orangeburg, NY, were are proud to say that Machida’s only manufacturing plant is located here in the United States!

For over 40 Years, we have continued to design industrial video and fiberoptic borescopes, and continue to build some of the best inspection equipment available on the market today.

Starting in the 1970’s working with Pratt & Whitney Government Products Division and The United States Air Force, we have become the one stop go to contact for all custom borescope builds and approved engine kits.

Ensuring you are getting tool for the job, we are constantly working directly with engine manufacturer engineers worldwide to come up with the best designs and solutions for their inspection requirements.

Some of our design firsts include:

  • First to build a scope with a working channel to accommodate a wire and hook to perform 2nd Stage Vane Inspection on the F-100 and JT-9D
  • First 90 Degree side view prism for inspection of GE’s CFM-56 Commercial Engine
  • First flexible guide tube with articulation for F-100 Combustion Chamber
  • First to develop and implement a power blending borescope to detect, measure, and blend foreign object impact damage on compressor blades of the JT-8D-200 with engine on wing.
  • First to develop working channel scope to put dye penetrate on compressor blades for UV Inspection
  • First to develop smallest videoscope VSC-1.9-100N scope that works with tablet or laptop
  • First to develop a practical solution to the UV NDT Market (Coming Soon

From standard scopes to custom solutions, we are the first company the engine manufactures call for their specialized projects. We are proud to continue our legacy as an American manufactured company.

Have a specialized project that needs an inspection solution?

Contact us online at to learn more about our custom and standard applications.


#TBT Space Tech Expo 2016

MachidaCD-SpaceTech RedNoseDay2016-withscope RedNoseDay2016

We were happy to exhibit at this years Space Tech Expo in Pasadena CA

The Space Tech Expo is a three day conference which brings together scientists, engineers, C-Level Executives, government representatives, policy makers, space agencies, military and entrepreneurs under one roof.  This fully integrated exhibition hall covers satellite systems, launch vehicles and space craft design, engineering, testing, and all facets of the manufacturing supply chain.

Machida Inc was at this exciting trade show displaying the best in high resolution video borescope equipment including our 2.4mm VSC-2.4-100N

While at the show, Machida staff Jennifer Kempsey,  and Jitu Patel were caught clowning around on May 26, 2016 for Red Nose Day.  The Red Nose Day raises money and awareness to help kids who need us most in the United States and around the world.  In the last 25 years, this charity has raised over $1 Billion Dollars globally!

The Space Tech Expo put us in front of the right candidates and was a great show. We look forward to exhibiting next year May 23-25 2017 in Pasadena CA.

For more information on our high resolution, top of the line borescopes, visit our website

Machida & Richard Wolf Blending Devices

Patrick  & The Machida Team Viewing The TBS-HR Series


We were happy to have Patrick Finster from Richard Wolf at our office today to share with us the next generation of Rigid Blending Kits.

Wolf has recently launched a modular rigid blending kit that easily allows you to change lengths without the need for multiple blending devices.  Soon to be available in the United States, the Modular TBS HR Series will be the newest solution to blade blending on wing.

When this state-of-the-art rigid scope is paired with our DPU 7-7070, the engine maintenance professional can view, record, and take photos of their blade blends with remarkable resolution.

We appreciate our relationship with Richard Wolf and look forward to working on next generation high removal blending devices with Patrick and their experienced blending team.

Learn more about on wing blending visit:


Looking for more information on Rigid and Flex Blending Kits?  

Contact Machida directly online at, via email or by telephone +1-845-848-1038.

NBAA MMC Booth 535


Machida Borescopes is proud to showcase for the first time at NBAA MMC our latest addition to the Machida Videoscope family, the VSC-4-140-NLT.  The new 4mm Video Borescope fitted with a threaded removable side view adapter, is used by engine manufactures and approved for engine use.

A great addition to your tool box, this durable video borescope allows for stunning images and video in both straight view and ninety degree.  This scope pairs with our DPU 7-7070.

This scope and processor combo hails over  14 standard and new desired features including stunning photos, video recording in high-definition, easy to use software, picture-in-picture, new updated zoom features, side by side image review, and portable image archiving that can be saved and shared via an SD Card.

Also on display at Booth 535, we will be showcasing our Pratt & Whitney Canada approved engine kit the PWC34910-109 Kit.  This kit comes complete with our upgraded 3mm, VSC-3-140-NL, which boasts a durable tungsten outer cover with a Sony CCD Camera Chip, our newest digital processor the DPU 7-7070, and all the engine manufacture accessories you need to get started.   This scope is our go to kit and is good for all engines.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to experience our equipment firsthand at Booth 535 at NBAA MMC – Kansas City MO – 2016. 

Unable to see us at the show?  You can reach us via email,, or by telephone Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5:00PM EST at 1-845-365-0600 and toll free at 1-800-431-5420. Don’t forget to visit our website, WWW.MACHIDASCOPE.COM to keep up to date with Machida News, and product releases. 

About Machida Inc

Machida Inc has been an industry leader of borescopes, videoscopes and custom scopes for over 40 years.  Our primary focus is providing the aviation market with high quality scopes that inspect hard to reach areas while remaining easy to use and limiting user fatigue.   We pride ourselves on our competitive product catalog and our ability to design and create custom scopes to the needs of the client.   With our years of industry knowledge paired with new state-of-the-art technology, we have been able to create scopes with quick turnaround times for big name engine manufactures and aviation enthusiasts alike.




MRO – AMC 2016 Wrap Up

The Machida Sales & Marketing Team cannot stop talking about last weeks MRO 2016 Conference and AMC 2016!

It was great to show so many customers our FOD Borescope Solutions at our Booth 2924. We hope you had time to see all of our unique opportunities to reduce engine overhaul costs.

If you missed us at the show, please visit for more information or contact us via email

We were also so delighted to have had so many “Technicians, Engineers, and Students” use our working channel VSC-3-65C Scope with basket in our FOD Removal Challenge.  We truly had blast watching the challengers go for the FOD using our C Series scopes and look forward to making our challenge harder in 2017!

Special shout out and congratulations to the winning team George T Baker Aviation Technical College who had the fastest time ever recorded!

Thank you to the whole team who put on AMC and everyone who made this event possible.

For behind the scenes images taken during the AMC Challange be sure to visit the link below!

Thank you again to all those who stopped by our booth and was apart of the AMC 2016!

We look forward to seeing everyone at next years MRO 2017 in Orlando Booth 3131!


Machida MRO 2016 Product Line Up

view videos online

With only a few days left till this year’s #MROAM 2016 we wanted to give you a #whatsupwednesday to let you know what we will have on display at Machida Booth 2924.

From Videoscopes to FOD Borescopes, we will be showcasing some the best remote visual inspection solutions on the market today at Booth 2924. 

Our Turbomeca Engine will be on display for you to borescope with our 3mm VSC-3-140-NL (PWC34910-109) or our newest addition, the 4mm VSC-4-140-NLT with threaded 90-Degree side view adapter.

Record video, take pictures, and save to an SD Card.  Our scope and processor combo boasts over 14 programmable features including auto-focus, auto-light, and enhanced zoom.

Machida has been a pioneer in FOD Removal by developing borescopes designed to pick up and remove objects from inside the engine.  This year at MRO 2016 we are proudly displaying our Working Channel – VSC-6-140C scope with specially designed mechanical fingers. Our C Series Scopes and working channel tools pair beautiful with our DPU 7-7070 which provides a stunning image; making it easier to find and remove FOD.

Our FOD Borescope Solutions utilize the borescope ports to keep the engine on wing, helping to cut down on costly engine overhauls.”- Jennifer Kempsey, Marketing Coordinator.

We are also very happy to sponsor and supply two of our VSC-3-65C scopes to the AMC 2016 for maintenance professionals from all over the globe to compete with.

Finally, our bore-blending borescopes in both rigid and flexible will also be on display at MRO Americas – Booth 2924. These highly sought after borescopes, allow you to blend your blades on the wing removing the need to bench blend, thus saving you money on maintenance costs.  These high power blending scopes are approved by GE, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls Royce for engine use.  We will have both our flexible blending scopes as well as Richard Wolf Blending Kits at our booth with a blade to practice on.

We are very excited for our participation in this year’s MRO Americas in Dallas Texas, and cannot wait to meet you all either at the AMC 2016 or at our Booth 2924.

Please visit our website: to learn more about our innovative product line.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!