Throw Back Thursday – 2/25/2016

MCV Photo Cropped Down

Machida Borescope -1980’s 

Machida’s First Video Borescope

MCV-8500 Features:

Video Recording to VHS Tape 

Portable Video Unit

High Resolution Monitor Screen 

Linear Measuring 

Compatible with Machida Fiberscopes


Manufactured  in the 1980’s we were the first to provide customers with the ability to perform linear measuring in a video format.  The MCV-8500 Series, considered top of the line, allowed maintenance professional to complete their inspections using the 8″ monitor while recording onto a standard VHS Tape, that would later be watched via a VHS Player or using the units play back option.

Portable at the time, the MCV-8500 weight approximately 70 pounds and was compatible with any of our fiber borescopes.  The  complete kit (monitor and scope)  was used by the Air Force, engine manufactures, maintenance professionals, and quality inspectors.

Going from saving images on VHS in the 80’s to now recording  images and video to a SD Card, our DPU 7-7070  is a huge upgrade form our 1980’s video option.

We won’t be displaying the MCV-8500 at Heli Expo 2016, but we will be displaying our DPU 7-7070 along side our VSC-3-140-NL (PWC34910-109 Kit) and our 4mm with removable side view adapter – VSC-4-140-NLT.

 – Be sure to visit us at Heli Expo 2016 Booth 6546 –

Learn more about our new videoscope options and DPU 7-7070.  Visit our website 

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