Machida & Richard Wolf Blending Devices

Patrick  & The Machida Team Viewing The TBS-HR Series


We were happy to have Patrick Finster from Richard Wolf at our office today to share with us the next generation of Rigid Blending Kits.

Wolf has recently launched a modular rigid blending kit that easily allows you to change lengths without the need for multiple blending devices.  Soon to be available in the United States, the Modular TBS HR Series will be the newest solution to blade blending on wing.

When this state-of-the-art rigid scope is paired with our DPU 7-7070, the engine maintenance professional can view, record, and take photos of their blade blends with remarkable resolution.

We appreciate our relationship with Richard Wolf and look forward to working on next generation high removal blending devices with Patrick and their experienced blending team.

Learn more about on wing blending visit:


Looking for more information on Rigid and Flex Blending Kits?  

Contact Machida directly online at, via email or by telephone +1-845-848-1038.

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