#TBT Space Tech Expo 2016

MachidaCD-SpaceTech RedNoseDay2016-withscope RedNoseDay2016

We were happy to exhibit at this years Space Tech Expo in Pasadena CA

The Space Tech Expo is a three day conference which brings together scientists, engineers, C-Level Executives, government representatives, policy makers, space agencies, military and entrepreneurs under one roof.  This fully integrated exhibition hall covers satellite systems, launch vehicles and space craft design, engineering, testing, and all facets of the manufacturing supply chain.

Machida Inc was at this exciting trade show displaying the best in high resolution video borescope equipment including our 2.4mm VSC-2.4-100N

While at the show, Machida staff Jennifer Kempsey,  and Jitu Patel were caught clowning around on May 26, 2016 for Red Nose Day.  The Red Nose Day raises money and awareness to help kids who need us most in the United States and around the world.  In the last 25 years, this charity has raised over $1 Billion Dollars globally!

The Space Tech Expo put us in front of the right candidates and was a great show. We look forward to exhibiting next year May 23-25 2017 in Pasadena CA.

For more information on our high resolution, top of the line borescopes, visit our website http://www.MachidaScope.com

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