Over 40 Years of American Manufacturing

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Located in Orangeburg, NY, were are proud to say that Machida’s only manufacturing plant is located here in the United States!

For over 40 Years, we have continued to design industrial video and fiberoptic borescopes, and continue to build some of the best inspection equipment available on the market today.

Starting in the 1970’s working with Pratt & Whitney Government Products Division and The United States Air Force, we have become the one stop go to contact for all custom borescope builds and approved engine kits.

Ensuring you are getting tool for the job, we are constantly working directly with engine manufacturer engineers worldwide to come up with the best designs and solutions for their inspection requirements.

Some of our design firsts include:

  • First to build a scope with a working channel to accommodate a wire and hook to perform 2nd Stage Vane Inspection on the F-100 and JT-9D
  • First 90 Degree side view prism for inspection of GE’s CFM-56 Commercial Engine
  • First flexible guide tube with articulation for F-100 Combustion Chamber
  • First to develop and implement a power blending borescope to detect, measure, and blend foreign object impact damage on compressor blades of the JT-8D-200 with engine on wing.
  • First to develop working channel scope to put dye penetrate on compressor blades for UV Inspection
  • First to develop smallest videoscope VSC-1.9-100N scope that works with tablet or laptop
  • First to develop a practical solution to the UV NDT Market (Coming Soon

From standard scopes to custom solutions, we are the first company the engine manufactures call for their specialized projects. We are proud to continue our legacy as an American manufactured company.

Have a specialized project that needs an inspection solution?

Contact us online at www.MachidaScope.com to learn more about our custom and standard applications.


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