Blending Borescopes #MROAM Booth 3131 #AVGEEK @MROTWEETUP


Imagine being able to rework your blades on-wing without having to take the engine down.  That is the exact solution that was developed by Machida in the 1980’s.

Bore blending allows the trained maintenance professional to go into the borescope ports and repair damaged blades by filing out impact damage from FOD Strikes.  These specially designed tools are approved by the engine manufacturer specifically to lower your maintenance costs.

High Res Blending Tip with 7-7070.jpg        

We offer options of both flexible and rigid, and all equipment connects to our DPU 7-7070.  All of our kits come complete, as called out in the specs by GE, Pratt & Whitney, or Rolls Royce.

We will have our state-of-the-art bore blending scopes on display at our booth at MRO (BOOTH 3131).  Our knowledgeable staff, including one of the founders of on-wing blending, Jitu Patel, will be available to talk about your specific GE, Pratt & Whintey, or Rolls Royce engine, and which kit is right for you.

Once you purchase one of our systems, we will get you in touch with your engine’s training center so that you can be sure you are blending to spec.

With over 40 years of industry knowledge under our belt, we are the ones the pros and engine manufacturers go to for all their borescope needs.

Not able to make it to the show, visit our website’s blending page  or contact us directly at

We can’t wait see you at #MROAM Booth 3131!

About Machida:

Machida Inc has been an industry leader of borescopes, videoscopes and custom scope projects for over 40 years. Manufactured in the USA, our high quality scopes allow you to inspect hard to reach areas while remaining easy to use, with brilliant resolution, and low cost.

With our years of industry knowledge paired with new state-of-the-art technology, we have been able to create scopes with quick turnaround times for big name engine manufactures, aviation enthusiasts, and quality inspectors.

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